Test Match Battle of Brisbane 1970

Test Match Battles of Brisbane

The Australian Test Team in the Battle of Brisbane III   Battle of Brisbane I Date: June 18th, 1932 Venue: The ’Gabba Score: Australia 15 – Great Britain 6 Before the game, the Australian coach, Harry Sunderland, made an audacious visit to the visitors’ dressing room. He proceeded to give a ‘helpful’ explanation of how […]
Duncan Thompson - The Downs Fox

Duncan Thompson – The Downs Fox

‘The Downs Fox’ was born in Warwick, Queensland in 1895. At 17, he started playing for Starlights in the Ipswich competition and debuted for Queensland in 1915. Although he was shot at Dernancourt, France in the right lung in World War I, he survived to become the captain of the Queensland team. He made his […]
American All Stars Rugby League Tour - 1953

American All Stars Rugby League Tour – 1953

Organiser, manager and second-rower Mike Dimitro brought 21 players with him for the American All Stars Tour of Australia and New Zealand in 1953. Dimitro was an elite American football player who had come to Australia during World War II and developed a keen interest in rugby league while being involved in services wrestling and […]
How to Write a Copywriting CV

How to Write a Copywriting CV

For copywriters who’re looking to work for an employer, like a marketing agency or a public relations firm, having a polished CV is essential. Usually when a position is advertised, the decision maker who’s sifting through potentially hundreds of CVs will only look at each one for less than two minutes. They want to compile […]