Crime and Punishment - Task-based Learning Lesson

Crime and Punishment

The following is a list of crimes. Some are serious and others are not so serious. In each case, the defendant is guilty beyond all doubt. Rank these eight crimes in order of seriousness – “1” being the most serious and “8” being the least serious. Give reasons for your answers. Crimes List:   1. […]
Alibi - Task-based Learning Lesson


Instructions to the teacher: Divide the class into two groups: Criminals (2 students) and Police (rest of students). Give some time to both groups – criminals to make sure their stories are the same; police to decide on interrogation questions. Police interrogate first criminal while the second criminal remains outside the room. Police interrogate second […]


A widowed father loses his only son in a tragic car accident, tries to deal with the pain and then finds that forgiveness can be the ultimate healer. I retraced the steps we walked when he was just a boy, full of life now gone The blinding grief obscuring the footprints, indelible in the sands […]
A Way Out

A Way Out

The room seemed dark and forbidding She felt trapped by the barriers around her She wondered how she had got there and if there was A way out She had the love and support of people all around her But, there were disappointments clouding her mind Sometimes it seemed hopeless – she wondered if she […]
She Walks In Beauty

She Walks In Beauty

She walks in beauty beside the sea With serene grace and sparkling eyes An elegance shining radiantly That dark of night cannot disguise Her whispered thoughts and smiling face Are music to my troubled heart Her welcome kindness I embrace A feeling that will not depart Sharing life and hope so dear A precious thought […]
Ross Strudwick - Halfback Extraordinaire

Ross Strudwick – Halfback Extraordinaire

At a time when many of Queensland’s best players were being poached by Sydney clubs, Ross Strudwick bucked the trend by leaving mighty St George to join Fortitude Valley in the Brisbane competition in 1973. The Valleys club had its own proud tradition, having won the first BRL competition in 1909 and a record 17 […]
Frank Drake - A Rebel With A Cause

Frank Drake – A Rebel With A Cause

Billy Slater is currently firmly ensconced in the position of Australia’s premier fullback, currently holding the record for the most tries scored by a fullback in the NRL. He epitomises the concept of the “running fullback” and no one currently questions the validity or the value of having a fullback that scores a lot of […]