My Story

About The Creative Writer

Murray BarnettMy name is Murray Barnett and I love writing.  I’m excited when I make people FEEL SOMETHING with what I write.

I have had an affinity with writing ever since I can remember.

The first time I started to believe that writing was something I was destined to do was when I was in high school. A poem I wrote was chosen to be included in my school magazine in my first year. There have been many exciting moments since then – from winning prizes in essay competitions to having my rugby league book endorsed by Wally Lewis.

But nothing gives me more satisfaction than the smile on a client’s face when they tell me about the success they have had because of my writing.

What Makes Me Different?

Famous and expensive copywriters often use tone and formatting guidelines and templates when writing for clients. The problem with this approach is that using guidelines and templates are restrictive – you end up writing to fit within their frameworks, rather than focusing on what is best for each individual customer.

My specialty is to treat each client as unique, with a unique purpose and a unique message. With over 25 years of copywriting experience, I know how to ensure that readers receive and react positively to your message.

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After consulting with you, I am in a position to understand

the social context – who your readers are, why they want to read your ideas, when and where they will be reading, and how they might view you

the writing context – a sense of the reader’s expectations, an awareness of the conventions for a particular piece of writing, the appropriate tone, and the level of vocabulary.

What do my writing packages include?

Whenever you want me to write for you, I will always include the following:

  • Consultation: A completely free one hour briefing so that I can understand your business and your objectives.
  • Two rounds of revisions: Always within 14 days of the first draft delivery.
  • Professional proofreading: Typo-free, grammatically perfect content.

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I don’t just go the extra mile – I go the third, fourth and fifth mile to ensure that I exceed your expectations.