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Emotive emails are a great way to build an ’emotional bank account’.

Your emotional bank account is the foundation that emotive email marketing is built on.

If you only focus on selling products or services to your prospects, there will come a time when the account will run dry.

You need to find a way to make deposits.

You make deposits by not constantly focusing on making a sale – make sure that you spend time and effort on building better relationships with your buyers.

Rather than thinking about what you need – more sales, think about what they need – certainty, peace of mind, positive outcomes. If you focus on making a good connection and building rapport and trust, sales will automatically follow.

How do build a better relationship?

By sending emails that tell stories. You reveal things about yourself that connect, build trust and show your authority.

Stories have an incredible power to connect with people. When stories are entertaining, they are remembered – and shared. In short, stories sell.

The response I get from many clients is…

‘But I’m not a story teller.’

You don’t need to be. After I get to know you, I can tell your stories for you.

What you can be is a story collector. Start with things you have experienced and life lessons you have learned.

Then, I can put your stories into words that resonate, build a rapport, and create a bond of trust.

Let me hear from you…

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