The Brisbane Copywriter That Builds
Relationships Based On Loyalty and Trust.


I help business owners discover, articulate and live their WHY or PURPOSE.

When you discover and put words
to your WHY or PURPOSE... 

         Your customers will become          AVID FANS and your employees PASSIONATE ADVOCATES.

What is a WHY?:
* A belief in something bigger than yourself.  An absolute conviction in an ideal that you’re passionate about.

* Your unique way of thinking is articulated in a statement and communicated through your words and actions.
The Benefits of WHY:
1. Your customers will be inspired. 

2. Your employees will be more engaged.

3. Greater customer and employee loyalty.

4. Improved sales revenue.

There are two ways to influence human behaviour – manipulate it or inspire it. 

Many businesses RELY on manipulations and using them is the ONLY marketing strategy they have. This results in short-term wins, rather than long-term gains. Why rely on manipulations when you can build strong, reliable relationships that result in long-term repeat business and excellent referrals through inspirational content that positively influences human behaviour.

Have you been climbing the ladder of success, only to find it's leaning against the wrong wall?

If you're looking to lean your ladder against the right wall, there are two important initial steps:
1. Be really clear on what your WHY or PURPOSE is.
2. Write a concise and compelling statement that explains your WHY or PURPOSE.

Learn more about how to take these steps.

Connecting and bonding with clients through engaging content.

Let’s build strong and sustainable relationships based on trust.

Brisbane Copywriter – Inbound Marketing Specialist.

Permission-based instead of interruption-based marketing.

Earning people’s interest rather than trying to buy it.

What's inbound marketing?

Rather than chasing after customers, inbound marketing is all about creating content that encourages people to come to you.

Why does inbound marketing work?

Modern consumers have become a lot more discriminating and discerning when it comes to purchasing.

They’re tired of being advertised at. They prefer to have control over the information they acquire and do their own research in order to make an informed choice.

The Creative Writer’s two-step inbound marketing strategy:

I target potential customers who are actively looking, rather than trying to force a message on people who are often not interested.
I focus on creating quality content that naturally attracts people toward your brand, making it more likely they will engage and buy.
Blog Posts
Project the right image with content that is engaging, relevant and shareable.
Web Pages
SEO content for your website or landing page that reduces bounce rates.
Social Media
Enticing content that turns social media followers into ongoing clients.
Email Campaigns
Content that is opened, read from start to finish and that converts to sales.

How can you 


from your competitors?

Let’s face it – the vast majority of businesses have competition that’s essentially marketing themselves in the same way. Everyone says they provide good value and service.

So, what factor is really going to make a difference? To ensure you stand out, help you stay on top and keep growing your client base?

The answer is content! But not just any content. GREAT CONTENT - THAT COMPELS AND SELLS.

Great content:

Engages & is accessible
Targets your ideal prospects
Shows your industry authority
Educates & entertains
Leads to being known, liked & trusted

 Get buyers to


your brand

Writing that Compels and Sells 

Increase Click Through Rates

Gain Higher Rankings from SEO Researched content

The Creative Writer –
the Brisbane Copywriter who understands the Buyer’s Journey.

By understanding the Buyer’s Journey, the content I create turns readers into customers, and customers into repeat buyers.
The buyer has a problem they need to solve.

When consumers go looking for answers, we’ll already have answers in place in the mediums that they use.
After conducting research, the buyer is aware of the possible solutions.

The content we’ll provide is interesting, informative and adds value, so it naturally pulls people towards your product or service.
The buyer is now in a position to make a purchase.

Because a positive connection is made, the consumer is more likely to choose to purchase your product or service. 
Luke Elin
As a professional web developer I can confidently refer my clients to Murray knowing that he has the skill set and experience to produce excellent and meaningful content for them. 

Murray understands the subtlety required to write amazing copy for humans to read whilst being optimised for search engines.
AMS Insurance Brokers
Anna Sayers
Murray is an outstanding copywriter. He understood my business and when we discussed what I wanted, he was on the same page as me immediately.

Murray writes in a way that achieves exactly the kind of response I want in my clients. He is professional, easy to work with and delivers work of the highest quality - in short, he exceeded my expectations.
Morgans Risk Insurance Brokers
Alice Jimmieson
Being able to work alongside someone who is able to communicate so honestly, professionally and efficiently is making a world of difference to not just my communication with my clients, but ultimately the entire delivery of my services.

Murray is an incredibly talented writer and I have absolute faith in all of the work that he does. I am very grateful for all of his assistance.
Secretary of the Queensland Rugby League History Committee
Steve Ricketts
Murray has a great passion for the written word and researches topics with commendable thoroughness.

His book, For the Love of the Game, about some of the legends of rugby league, has a prominent place in my literary collection.
The Full Collection
Jason Ganter
I was referred to Murray to enhance the website content for my start-up online business. Murray quickly understood the message I am trying to deliver and wrote in a way that not only improved the professional image of the site but explained concepts better for new users.

I am very happy with the results Murray has achieved. I have no hesitation in giving him my highest recommendation.
aVers Cloud Solutions
Nick Dorogavtsev
Murray has a unique ability to extract the essence of your products or services. When he combines this with his capability to understand the relationship I want to have with my clients, he shows that he is at the pinnacle of his profession.

Murray created exactly the message I wanted to deliver and the positive impact his writing has had on my sales has been tremendous.
OH Marketing
Michelle Oh
Murray is an outstanding copywriter, with a talent to understand how language evokes preferred emotional responses in a target audience. He writes in a clear, clever and engaging way that my clients and prospects love – but on top of that, he’s professional and easy to work with. Murray makes me feel like my satisfaction is his highest priority, always willing to go above and beyond. I am thrilled with the results his writing has achieved for me. I highly recommend him to any business owner and will not hesitate to use his services again.
ABS Business Sales
Helen Gordon
I met with Murray who was extremely personable and a great listener. We established a relationship very quickly. Murray easily understood that we didn’t know what we wanted, we had writers block, that’s why we needed him! Murray was suggestive in his approach and in understanding our needs and adapted to what we needed very quickly. He was able to break it down and take on the tasks we required in a professional way. I believe he very quickly fulfilled his obligations to us. I could highly recommend Murray in all aspects of being able to write for you.
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