History of the Bulimba Cup

Bulimba Cup - Rugby League
Bulimba Cup Records

Winners: 1925 – 1972                                                            Team Records

Brisbane         19 times                          Most consecutive championships: 6 – Toowoomba

Toowoomba  16 times                             Most Bulimba Cups retained: 4 – Brisbane

Ipswich           11 times                      Most club representatives: 120 Toowoomba Valleys

Individual Records

Most points in a game: 27 – Lionel Morgan (5 tries, 6 goals vs Ipswich, April 14th 1962)

Most consecutive games scoring at least one try: 7 – Lionel Morgan (1959-1960)

Most points in a season: 46 – Lionel Morgan (1962)

Most tries all-time: 27 – Des McGovern (All Whites 1949-57)

Most goals kicked all-time: 87 – Bill ‘Bricky’ Ryan (Ipswich, 1936-1944)

Most points all-time: 186 – Bill ‘Bricky’ Ryan (Ipswich, 1936-1944)

Most matches all-time: 59 – Herb Steinohrt (Toowoomba, 1925-1937)

Most consecutive championships by a coach: 6 – Duncan Thompson (1951-1956)

Most games refereed: 20 – Jim Simpson (Ipswich)

Bulimba Cup History

The Bulimba Cup was sponsored by Queensland Brewery, Brisbane. Players in championship-winning teams would receive a small replica of the cup. Any team that won the championship in three consecutive years would retain the Cup.


The famous undefeated Toowoomba Clydesdale team 1924-1925 won the first Bulimba Cup in 1925. The powerhouse teams of the period were Toowoomba and Ipswich.


The 1930s were a golden period for Ipswich. They retained the Cup twice – 1933-35 and 1937-39. Outstanding ‘Greens’ at the time included ‘Monty’ Heidke, Dan Dempsey and Vic Hey.


Brisbane won the Cup in five consecutive years – 1946-50. During this period, they won 15 games out of 19. Jack Reardon, the famous journalist, was captain of the Brisbane 1946 team.


With coach Duncan Thompson, Toowoomba won the Cup in six consecutive years – 1951-56. Brian Davies joined the Booval Swifts in 1954 and played one season in the Bulimba Cup for Ipswich.


The ‘King of the Bulimba Cup’, Lionel Morgan, scored 27 points in one game in 1962. Brisbane won the Cup seven times in the 1960s and won nine of the last 12 championships contested.


In 1971, brewery manager Tom Kelly threatened to stop sponsoring the Bulimba Cup after a torrid Cup final between Brisbane and Toowoomba at Lang Park, when four players were sent off.